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Basil Seeds





Sweet Basil Seeds ( Sabja)




The gelatinous texture of the swollen basil seeds makes a filling drink, which could help to curb your appetite if you consume it before meals. Making your own basil seed drink with an alternative sweetener reduces the calories from sugar. Basil seeds also have potential for creating a textured dessert, as an alternative to tapioca pudding — a treat on a calorie-restricted diet.

The most effective means of weight loss remains the basic strategy of burning off more calories than you consume. Basil seeds may help you to feel full on fewer calories. Tracking how much you eat and counting calories is the best way to stay on track. Insufficient scientific information is currently available with respect to the effect of basil seeds on weight loss.


Small children could choke on the swollen seeds because if the seeds are not mixed with enough water, the mixture will be very clumpy. Because many people (especially children) do not chew when drinking a liquid, thick clumps or some-what-tapioca like seeds may cause a risk for swallowing. Basil seeds and basil seed drinks should be kept out of reach of children and supervised when consuming.